Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Careers vs J O B s

I mentioned earlier that I recently read a book called "The Renaissance Soul" by Margaret Lebonstine. I appreciated this book and plan on reading it again soon. Sometime after I read the several library books I have on my dresser and probably after I read the other career/self help books sitting on my hope chest my by bed. I may have a slight book obsession. Maybe. Slightly.

Anyways, this book set out the idea of the difference between a Career and a J O B. Basically a J O B is a job that you work at that while it is not your dream, passion, real career, etc. it is something that enables you to follow your passions and dreams outside of work and/or gives you access to tools that may help you in these passions. This job could be a basic 9-5 job that pays well, is low stress, low effort for your, etc. and/or it could provide you access to discounts on travel if travel is one of your passions, access to printers to make copies of brochures for your new business, etc.

Obviously a J O B is not for everyone, some people want to have a career where they also incorporate their passion. However, there may be points in your life where you need or could benefit from a J O B. How do you decide which one is for you? That is something that ultimately is in your hands to decide. Obviously we all need money to pay our bills, buy food, that sort of thing. Unless of course you somehow have an unlimited supply of money, in which case, share the wealth! ;) This idea of a J O B was not something that was entirely new to me, I have had the same thought before reading the book. Maybe I should get a job that is not my dream, but that pays well and has benefits, something that I could use to save up money and be able to pursue my dream of travel. I may end up doing this. I could get a job in dispatch, something that I did for a brief period before, it pays well in this area, and ultimately I think I would be fairly good at it. On the other hand it is not exactly a low stress job. Answering 911 calls is not always a pleasant thing to do.

I have had the train of thought of getting a job in dispatch, earning that $40,000 ish a year and being able to still live if I was making a little more than half that. If I were able to sell my house and then use the access money to pay off my student loans, I would be able to save up enough in a few years to buy a vacation apartment in Italy. My first (yes first!!) would be in Turin, Italy, close to the northern border of Italy it is centrally located in western Europe and looks charming.

 Sadly, I have never been there. I am accepting donations to my Megan needs to see the world fund, feel free to donate! (Kidding, there is no such fund, but wouldn't that be nice?) I have a plan for this little imaginary future apartment, rent it out to tourists most of the year, reserving a couple weeks for myself to go over and enjoy. With this new found extra income on top of what I save from my J O B, purchase another small apartment somewhere in Europe and rent that one out too. After many years one could have several apartments across Europe and rent them all out for most of the year!! Then you (I) could travel across the world living off the income of these rental apartments. Sigh. Sounds nice doesn't it? At least one or two would have to be in England, I completely fell in love with the U.K. when I was there six years ago, I am dying to go back!

                                                                    Chatsworth in England

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