Friday, June 12, 2015

Coconut Sugar Scrub- A New Day Skin Care

My hands are nice and smooth and soft. They also smell AMAZING! Why? Well, if you must know, I just finished up mixing and bottling our first ever batch of Coconut Sugar Scrub to sale under our new, A New Day Skin Care line! (Doesn't that sound kind of fancy? OUR line?)

....awhile later.....Well I just got our Etsy shop up and running. We only have a few products right now, okay a few variations of the same product, but we will be adding more soon. 

Here is our description from one of the listings. 

Medium Grain Coconut Sugar Scrub Lemon or Sweet Orange 8 ounces

Thank you for taking a look at our new line of products! A New Day Skin Care is a brand new line of all natural, chemical free products designed to give you a new way of taking care of your skin, and yourself. 

This coconut sugar scrub is a wonderful product that will leave your skin smooth, soft, and lightly scented. The sugar helps exfoliate your skin, cleaning away the dead skin, and smoothing it out. The coconut oil digs in and hydrates and moisturizes your skin, and the essential oils help brighten your day and bring their own benefits to the party. This coconut sugar scrub smells good enough to eat! And, since it is all natural, it is safe if it does happen to make its way into your mouth. (Not that we are saying you should eat it, but our belief is that if is harmful to ingest that it does not belong on your skin! After all your skin is your biggest organ.) If you are like me you may have a hard time not licking your lips when the water rinses the scrub off of your face.

This fine grain coconut sugar scrub is made solely from white cane sugar, raw cane sugar, coconut oil, and lemon or sweet orange essential oil. That is it!

This medium grain sugar scrub is for those of you who are looking for something a bit more than the fine grain, but not quite as coarse as the coarse grain. This is a great all purpose scrub, perfect for everything head to toe. 

In addition to our all natural chemical free products, we are striving to give back to the world we live in, and make some sort of difference in people's lives. That is why 10% of every sale we make will be donated to The Global Soap Project, which you can check out at They bring soap and proper hygiene education to third world countries, where children and families can often perish through poor hygiene and a lack of access to soap.

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