Wednesday, July 16, 2014

When I grow up I want to be....

Do you remember saying that? Or maybe you are like me and still say that, or "I don't know what I want to be when I grow up..."
 Maybe it was/is followed by something "acceptable" like a teacher or a lawyer or a doctor. Maybe it was something less "acceptable" like a dancer, artist, musician, etc. When we are little, we are allowed to have imagination and creativity, even taught in may cases that it is a good thing. It is good to pretend, good to imagine the impossible. So, when we are little it is "okay" to want to be a dancer or a basketball player, artist, author, musician, astronaut, etc. Once we are a little bit older, old enough that we should really be planning our lives it is no longer as cute and acceptable. We are told we cannot REALLY be a dancer. You will not make money/ will not make it as an artist, musician, professional athlete, etc. Suddenly, we start to doubt our passion, our desire, our dream, and all of our big plans go out the window. Now we start thinking, "Okay... I guess I could go to college and study... Math, or History, maybe Science. Or I guess I could be a teacher, or maybe I will study business", etc. Now, I am not saying that there are not those people who do dream of doing these things, there definitely are! I am speaking... (er writing to, I swear I am not sitting here on my couch talking out loud to non existent people. Although my dog would listen to me if I did. At least for awhile, I'm sure after awhile he would get tired of my ramblings.) Anyways! I am speaking to those of you, who like me, had more artistic/less usual dreams than others. Those of whose who had imaginative/unrealistic/unacceptable career dreams than others. We, at some point of time, rearranged our thinking and settled for something LESS than our dreams and goals.

Now, maybe some people settle on a new career path and stuck to it, some happy with their new path, others not happy, but still stuck on this path. Or, maybe you are like me and struck out on a new path, encouraged by others to do so, and muddled through it for several years in college, convincing yourself that this was your new dream. Then after many years of pushing forwards on this path you realize this was not your path and you were going to head off and find a new path! Then lo and behold you find a new path and strike out on it and think to yourself, "YES!!! I have found my path and my "destiny"." So you surge forward on this path, happy with it, but after awhile realizing that while yes you could be happy on this path, it is not your actual goal and dream. Once you realize this, you wonder what on this earth is keeping you from getting on a path towards your TRUE dream. Then maybe, just maybe you will start looking towards that path that will lead you there. Perhaps, along the way to that path, you recognize that there may not be an actual path already there, and it is up to you to start the beginning of that path.

For my nonexistent readers I will tell you that this is where I am, starting the beginning of my path toward my own particular dream and goal.

By the way, this is my dog, and he would much rather be exploring outside rather than sitting listening to me ramble to no one. :)

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