Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Sunrise at Sky Harbor the morning of my flight out

The day had finally come, I was headed out on an 8:00 am flight to Honolulu! The morning was perfect, the sunrise was beautiful, I had a new camera in my hand, ready to experiment with it. Life was good.

After a couple hour wait at the airport (8:00 am flights REALLY do not require you to be there 2 hours early, there was practically no one at the airport!), during which I learned there was a hurricane headed for the islands, it was finally time to board!

Like I said before, I ADORE flying. Everything about it, planes just astound me, and the whole thing is amazing. I am that 3 year old kid with a huge grin on my face as we begin the taxi to take off, the force of the speed pressing you back against your seat, the sound of the engines in your ears... It's heaven. Then my face will be plastered against the window the whole ascent into the air and many times during the flight.

After a 6+ hour flight I landed in Honolulu, turned my phone on and texted my aunt that I had landed. We met at the baggage claim and she placed a lei around my neck and gave me a huge hug. Hawaii was going to be awesome!!

After finding my bag and getting back to the car we began the trip to Laie, about an hour drive. We did have to turn around once, as we were going the wrong way, but hey it's Hawaii and I'm with one of my favorite aunts, who cares! Once we get out of the city, I am just dumbstruck by the beauty of Oahu. The farmland as we get closer to the coast, then the beach... it was all breathtaking. That evening we went down to the beach and swam in the ocean. (The beach is literally about a 3 minute walk from their house.) As I floated in the ocean I thought, "I could get used to this!' The water was perfect, there were very few other people on the beach, and for the most part we had it to ourselves. It was amazing.

Laie Beach

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