Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Two Weeks in Paradise

Everyday stroll on the beach, no biggie. ;)

My two weeks in Hawaii were wonderful. For me it was a much needed vacation. When I went to England 6 (GASP!) years ago, it was a trip. A wonderful, beautiful, fun filled, trip. There was not a lot of relaxing, we had plans for where we were going everyday, and I loved it. However, I also loved my Hawaiian vacation. I went and sat on the beach with a book several days. Took my camera and walked up and down the beach. When the outskirts of the hurricane hit and we had 24+ hours of non stop rain, we walked to church under the umbrella, came home and relaxed in front of the T.V. after lunch. Many days had some hours of my aunt and I relaxing together, watching new shows, talking, strolling around the neighborhood, etc.

Lest you think that I spent my entire two weeks in Hawaii inside the house, I did do many other things! One of the first things we did was go into the Bishop Museum in Honolulu. This was a nice, light introduction into Hawaiian history and culture.

We went to the Polynesian Cultural Center, wandered around the villages, watched some performances, attended the luau, and then my uncle and I went to the Ha: Breath of Life show that evening. It was SPECTACULAR. The whole thing was wonderful, I loved getting a brief introduction to the various cultures that are represented there and each one made me want to visit the actual islands to really immerse myself in the culture. (I think that was one of the biggest things I loved about Hawaii was the range of culture there. Growing up in Idaho and then Arizona, I have typically always been in the majority, but I loved being the only white girl in restaurants and at different places sometimes.) The food at the luau was super delicious, and the Ha: Breath of Life show really was just spectacular. The PCC is something I highly recommend everyone going to while in Hawaii.

We went into Honolulu several times. The first time both my aunt and uncle had doctor's appointments, so I spent a few hours just walking around a few mile block of Honolulu. I discovered the Police Department, the Honolulu Museum of Art (I didn't go in though), and a park across the street from the museum that I sat in for awhile and talked to my mom on the phone.

Thomas Square in Honolulu

Thomas Square
As we headed home after the doctor's appointments we stopped at one of the many gorgeous beaches and I got some pictures of Chinaman's Hat, along with the stunning mountains that run along the other side of the road.

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