Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Two Weeks Continued... Pearl Harbor

One of the other days we went into Honolulu we went to go to Pearl Harbor. As someone who is just missing a foreign language requirement to get a Bachelor's degree in History, I have always loved history. On top of that my Grandpa fought in World War II, and the Bowfin, the submarine at Pearl Harbor is the same class as the Apagon that he was on, so Pearl Harbor was a must.

We were able to go out to U.S.S. Arizona Memorial, and after getting back from being out there I told my aunt that to me it was almost emotionally exhausting being there at Pearl Harbor. It was fascinating, but it literally made me feel exhausted. I have always been a bit more "sensitive" about things and events like that than many others, and knowing that we would be touring the Bowfin added to that. My grandfather passed away last summer, and besides former step grandparents he is the first grandparent that I have lost. His death came at a time where I was already extremely emotionally wrought, having had a friend lose her husband and finding out with her through a phone call from her kids who found him while we were gone. So, being able to see what a submarine like the one he had been on was like, was bound to be emotional.

Anyways, Pearl Harbor was a great, albeit emotional, experience.


My grandpa always talked about how they preferred the bunks over the torpedoes, after touring the sub, I understand why!

My grandpa also cut hair on the submarine during the War.

The battle flag from the sub my grandpa was on.

U.S.S. Arizona anchor

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