Monday, December 29, 2014

Authentic Selves

How many of us are actually living authentic lives? Living true to our deepest, truest desires and passions? Using our true (what I believe to be God given) talents, gifts, and passions? How many of us actually KNOW what these are?

I think, I know that our education system and society in general are literally educating many of these gifts out of many of us. We are taught to concentrate on and develop only certain skills. Those of us whose talents and passions are elsewhere, outside of these skills, often lose or bury these talents during our education. Then, years later we are stuck feeling talent-less or as though we have no gifts, when in reality we do, everyone does, ours are just not ones that we were allowed to cultivate and develop, or ones that we just simply did not develop as we were growing up.

I believe, know, that if we were all living in our element that not only would we personally be happier and more successful, but that the world in general would be a better place. If we were living a life where we felt fulfilled, accomplished, and truly enjoyed what we were doing with our lives, how could the world not be better?

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