Friday, December 5, 2014

Random Pictures

So, now that I have my fancy new camera the Canon t5i, which I am loving by the way, I am trying to you know, USE it. I need to be better about trying and take pictures every day. I have always loved taking pictures, I have had five or so cameras over the years. I currently have three of them. This one, a Canon point and shoot, and a Canon SLR, old school style.

Today I decided to go over to the Gilbert, Arizona Temple and take a few pictures. I wasn't there terribly long and didn't take tons of pictures, but here are my favorites.

Obviously I am still working on taking great pictures, but it is fun! The great thing about Digital SLR's is you don't feel as bad when you mess up and make mistakes, because you can just delete them instead of worrying about the cost of film!

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