Sunday, February 22, 2015

Empty Buildings

Old empty warehouses, empty stores, empty homes, empty schools, and empty churches. While some people see these empty, sometimes old and rundown buildings and see emptiness, ruin, despair, etc. I look at empty buildings and see possibility. I always have, I can remember being young and seeing old buildings, empty buildings on big empty lots and being filled with ideas of the possibilities of what they could one day become. My imagination would grab hold of an idea and run with it. An old rundown brick building becomes someone’s family home, an old warehouse becomes a community center, a group home, a cafĂ©, a bakery, etc .

Earlier this week I was driving to the Whole Foods in Mesa I drove by several empty buildings/places for rent. I immediately fell into a dreamy state of imagination of what potential these buildings held and what purpose would suit them best based on their location.  This morning while walking Glock I walked by several empty houses, a few of them on horse property. I immediately started imagining being able to buy the houses, cleaning up the yards, tearing down rundown sheds, moving fences, etc. One I made into a home for homeless youth. In my mind there was a vegetable garden, the white fencing in the back corner was moved closer to the house to make a separate area for chickens, as well as to free up more of the pasture for the horses. 

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