Monday, February 23, 2015

Something New

So last Sunday, the 15th, I decided that I am going to do something new every day. I have been feeling like I am stuck a bit in a rut. Not being able to find a job, not taking any classes, has kind of got me in this mode of doing the same things every day, and I have been feeling the need to shake things up and wake myself up. I need some inspiration and motivation to keep myself moving forward toward my goals, and nothing is going to change if I keep doing the same things day after day.

Sunday's something new was pretty lame, Glock and I went on a  walk through a neighborhood we had never been in before. Crazy stuff, huh? However, after we got back from our walk I found the listing of events happening around the valley over the next few months in the Arts & Entertainment section of the Arizona Republic. Holy Moly!! Who knew there was so many different festivals and things around here? I immediately found at least one, if not two different events that I want to attend over the next month or two. This first weekend was the Arizona Matsuri Festival. This coming weekend is a dog show and agility competition. After that the Pakistani Kite Flying Festival along with the Aloha Festival. The next weekend is an Irish Faire and after that is the one I have known about for months and been waiting for, the Scottish Highland Games and Festival.

I was completely stoked to find all of these cultural events that I can go to!! Most are free or very inexpensive to get into. Bonus points! Cultural events are really what I want to go to the most, I so want to travel the world and experience the cultures of the world, but for now, while I am broke, this is a great substitute!

Now I have my new things for the next several Saturdays planned, I am going to keep up the new thing every day. It has only been a week and I can feel a little bit of creativity coming back into me. So far I haven't done anything too exciting or crazy, but it is a good start!

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