Wednesday, February 18, 2015


This is another post from my old blog that I am reposting. 

Unity and Trusting
So today in Relief Society the lesson was on unity. During the middle we got off on a tangent about being accepting of people and helping people we don't know. A sister in the ward shared how many people from other wards will not smile or say hi to her. I am not sure where she is from, but she is of Latino heritage. So we discussed how many people in the church often times do not know how to interact with members who do not "appear" to be the "typical Mormon". This then led to a discussion about how in today's world many people will not stop to help others. One sister, who is from Tonga, shared that in Tonga people are still very welcoming and will bring people in off the streets to make sure that they have food and shelter. She then said that things like this just do not happen in America anymore. Other sisters said that this was because there are so many bad people in the world that it just is not safe anymore. I can remember being little and going on trips with my dad and brother, my dad would always stop and help people we came across. I can remember several times where we would give someone a ride somewhere or give them food. I always feel sad now that as a single female it really is not that safe for me to do things like this. Whenever I come across someone pulled over on the side of the road or anything like that I just have this instant urge to stop and help them. Perhaps this comes from the fact that I am perhaps a bit too trusting. Overall I believe that most people are inherently good. 

 I wonder if one of the reasons we have so much more crime and violent actions is from the fact that people no longer trust each other as much. I think that when a person gets to know you, placing your trust in them can be the biggest boost to them that any person can give. To know that you have won the trust of a good person gives you this lift that you are a good person too, and that someone believes in you. I am a definite believe in second chances, and thirds and fourths... well you get the picture! Now, there are certain things that just don't fly with me, but if someone gets the chance to turn things around and really make a new start out of life, and do it, then I am all for that. 

Okay, as always my mind is all over the place and I am thinking of many different things right now. During relief society another sister talked about how just being pleasant to people and when you have a compliment come to mind, to SPEAK IT! Even if it is to a complete stranger. She was saying how she will be walking down the street and if she likes a person's hair, then she will tell them. These have to be sincere, but it is amazing what a real, kind word and smile can do to an individual. You never know what kind of a day a person is happening, but a kind word or action (like letting someone out of a parking lot or anything) from a stranger can change a day for someone. There are those times where you run across a real sourpuss, but what can it hurt? 

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