Saturday, February 7, 2015

Gluten Free Ramblings

Over the past several weeks I have done a lot of researching and exploring of various gluten free recipes (mostly of the baking variety). I have always loved bread, I MAY have mentioned that before, and I love homemade cookies, really who doesn't?? I have already posted about my first attempt at baking gluten free bread. Recap: ugly but delicious. I have since baked all of the dough from that first batch throughout the rest of this week. Several people have also tried the bread, my mom, younger sister, older brother, dad, and good friend, Regina. Overall the consensus was that it is yummy and tastes like "regular" bread. YAY! Now, whether or not they were being entirely truthful, I don't know, but I'm the one eating it regularly and I LIKE it.

Last night's "roll", using the last of the dough.

Now, it is still not beautiful, but personally I think it looks better than the first "roll" I made on Sunday. I used the same batch of dough, and I think I did a tad more water and next time I am going to use different yeast and proof the yeast. From the research I had done I had figured that gluten free baking is a different beast from baking with wheat flour. And it is. However, I am looking forward to the many years I have ahead of me of experimenting, not only with the gluten free baking, but with experiment with egg replacements and dairy free milk products. 

One of the resources I have found that I am excited to eventually start using recipes out of is a book called Flavor Flours. The author has experiment and perfected recipes that are based off of one gluten free flour, instead of using multiple flours like a lot of GF recipes seem to use. 

Each flour has its own section that she kicks off with a description of the flour and its own unique flavor. I have downloaded this book from my local library and think I will eventually purchase it for myself. While it is GF, it is not other allergy friendly, and I have been researching various egg replacement options for the eggs. Obviously there are a lot of milk options and there are non dairy chocolate chips. I have this dream in the back of my head of eventually opening a GF, egg free, dairy free, bakery with all of the fabulous recipes I am BOUND to make. :)

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