Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Chawton House

On Thursday we headed up more North to go to a couple of different places. Both locations had been used in various films. The first location was one that Karen and I were particularly excited about, Tyler claimed that we were a bit TOO excited when we caught our first glimpse. But really, when you see how stunning it is, can you really blame us?

One of the many scenes painted on the ceilings of Chatsworth.

The Emperor Fountain,there is a picture down below that shows the sign detailing the fountain.

HUGE geode!

Anyone recognize these two statues?

View from up the hill. I think I could get used to this view...

This lady was painting Chatsworth, and she was AMAZING.

We had ice cream cones a few different times while we were there, they sold them at the most random places, and who doesn't love ice cream?

One last look...
So, do you know what movie Chatsworth was used in? In the newest version of Pride and Prejudice it serves as Mr. Darcy's home, Pemberly. For some reason it is exceptionally cool to see a place in real life that is in a movie you enjoy.

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