Monday, March 23, 2015

Heading to Our Second Cottage

On Saturday we left our cozy little cottage at Pembridge House and headed on up towards the Lake District area of England. Our second cottage was outside of the small town of Sedbergh. Along the way we stopped at the Preston Temple. The original plan was for Tyler and I to both do baptisms for family names and Karen was going to do an endowment session. Tyler didn't have his recommend, so he stayed in the car, and it turns out Karen was supposed to have an appointment, so she wound up going back to the car and waiting for me. The baptistery was STUNNING. Tiny little lights in the ceiling, felt like stars in a pure white room. I loved it. I felt a bit guilty when I got back to the car and realized they had both had to sit and the car and wait for me, but doing family names from England, in England, was an amazing experience.

After the temple we continued our drive to find the cottage. We had to drive through the charming little town of Sedbergh to get to it, a cute little cottage on a sheep farm. Most of our Saturday was taken up with these adventures. On Sunday we went into Kendal to try and find the church building to attend church, but to no avail. Kendal was another England town that was very... well, English.

Our Exit!

I loved the area we were in, we saw many sheep camps and Gypsy Vanner's along the side of the road.


One of several one lane bridges.

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