Monday, March 16, 2015

Thank You

So, I wrote a Thank You on my other blog, Inspiring Women to Empower Others. I had said in a prior post on that blog that I hoped to one day have readers, and that is kind of how I feel about this blog too. What I mean by that, is I hope that one day, if there aren't already, that there are at least a few people who regularly read/check my blog. I know I don't post anything too ground breaking or awe inspiring, but I hopefully will progress over time with what I do post. However, I do know that there are those of you out there who at least look at my blog, and I am so grateful for you. Seriously, my friends hear about it anytime someone from a new country looks at my blog. (There are statistics that show me where people are from country wise.) First time there was a view from somewhere besides the United States I was practically bouncing around the room. Every time there is a view from anywhere in the world it makes me happy, just this feeling of somehow being connected to someone somewhere in another country makes me feel connected somehow to the world. And I love that. So, thank you, even if you have and will only look at this blog once, I appreciate it. 

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