Monday, March 16, 2015

I Forgot About Our First Sunday in England!

So I realized I missed a day in reporting the England trip. (Don't blame me too much, it has been almost eight years!) We arrived in England on a Saturday morning, our first venturing out was on Monday, I somehow skipped Sunday! We arrived Saturday morning, after leaving Friday morning from Phoenix, a layover in Chicago, and then flying into London Heathrow Airport the next morning.

One of my bags (I brought a second bag with snacks for all of us) and Tyler's bag got left in Chicago, so we had to sit and wait at the London airport for the bags. Our bags finally arrived and we went to pick them up, the man who let us into baggage claimed asked us where the rest of our clothes were. (Tyler and I were both wearing shorts.) We told him we had just arrived from Arizona, where it had been HOT, and that he had the rest of our clothes. He finally decided that that was an acceptable reason for wearing shorts.

We then got our car and headed out onto the vast London motorway. After several wrong turns, going in circles, we finally found our way out of town and headed towards our cottage. We had originally planned on stopping at Cambridge University and turning it, but we were just too dang tired to see much that first day. We finally reached our cottage that afternoon/evening and got settled in. We were all STARVING so we headed to Monmouth, Wales and found the most glorious fish and chips you will ever have in your life. The people were friendly and cheerful and it was a perfect first evening in England.

We were able to find a LDS ward that met nearby in Hereford and went to that ward the next day. Once again the people were friendly and asked us lots of questions about our plans for our two week stay in England. They were a bit shocked/surprised that we were driving to Bath and back the next day and not getting a hotel in Bath.

Sitting in the Chicago airport waiting for our flight to London.

Stuck in traffic after being stuck on planes and in the airport waiting for baggage for hours..

Monmouth parking area

River in Monmouth

Hereford. We went to church that first Sunday in Hereford.

Backyard of our cottage.

We stayed at the Pembridge Cottage at Pembridge House.

Our cottage, a converted bard, and our car!


Living room.

Pembridge House 

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